Clinique Multisens

clinique multisens

Since August 2013, MultiSens offer personalized multidisciplinary services in health, education and rehabilitation. Our professional team and our customer service ensure the efficacy of our devoted work with customers of all ages. Whether you come for our services in audiology, speech therapy, occupational therapy or neuropsychology, you will find availability, listening and empathy.

Our services

Speech-language pathology

Prevention, assessment and treatment of communication disorders (oral and written language expression, speech, voice) and dysphagia in patients of all ages in order to accompany patients and family members.


Accompaniment of students with learning disabilities to help them discover their full potential by proposing a learning approach and educational rehabilitation that meets their specific needs.

Occupational therapy

Prevention, assessment and readaptation of developmental difficulties (delay motor development, sensory characteristics and attention deficit), which interfere with the autonomy of children and adolescents throughout their daily activities: eating, personal care, spare-time activities, playing or completing school tasks.

Neuropsychology/Psychosocial services

Neuropsychology: Assessment of cognitive functions in patients of all ages to make or confirm a diagnosis (ex.: ADHD, dyslexia, PDD, ID, etc.) and participation in the intervention plan.

Psychosocial services: family mediation, social work, pediatric psychology


Prevention, assessment and treatment of hearing disorders (ex.: deafness, tinnitus, auditory processing disorders) and vestibular disorders (ex.: dizziness) in patients of all ages.