octobre 15, 2014
Improving Handwriting Skills
Many parents are concerned about their child’s handwriting skills. Why is my child’s handwriting so sloppy? The answer that many teachers have difficulty explaining is that handwriting is a complex skill made up of many discrete components including: correct seated positioning, trunk control, should...
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août 19, 2013
Apps to Use with Children in Occupational Therapy (Part 2)
Hey! I’m back and I’ve got some interesting apps to share with you. I’ve decided to give you my top five choices from the vast variety of apps available. As discussed a few of weeks ago, Dexteria is my number one pick and you can read all about it in the first part of my blog. My second pick, I woul...
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juillet 15, 2013
Apps to Use with Children in Occupational Therapy (Part 1)
There are many applications you can find on iPad and iPhone that work on fine motor skills, handwriting, visual discrimination, visual perception, visual memory, etc…  Based on my research, but mostly experience, I have come up with the best app to use in occupational therapy. My all-time favorite a...
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