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septembre 9, 2019
La Lecture Interactive Enrichie
Lecture interactive enrichie : préparer l’enfant à lire et à écrire à l’école Qu’est-ce que la lecture interactive enrichie? Quelle importance devrait-on accorder à...
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mai 16, 2017
Therapeutic Benefits of Riding a bicycle
The experience of my first bicycle ride as a young child still remains vividly present in my memory.  The feeling of going onto an adventure, the joy and the light wind caressing...
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août 28, 2015
Teach a Word in 3 Simple Steps
Language is a way to communicate ideas, choices and needs. That is what we do every day with our friends, colleagues, the telephone operator or the taxi driver. It’s natural...
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octobre 15, 2014
Improving Handwriting Skills
Many parents are concerned about their child’s handwriting skills. Why is my child’s handwriting so sloppy? The answer that many teachers have difficulty explaining is...
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