novembre 22, 2015
How to stop thumb sucking: helping your child break the habit
Does your child suck his thumb? No reason to panic! Here, you will find useful information concerning this dreaded habit as well as tips and tricks to make it stop. First and foremost it is important to know that the majority of children will perform thumb sucking at one time or another as part of ...
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septembre 14, 2015
Early Childhood Stimulation to Improve Fine and Gross Motor Skills
It is known that the first seven years, and in particular, the first three years, are critical for forming the foundation of proper development in a child. During this period, a child’s brain is similar to a sponge and can learn more quickly than at any other time. It is thus crucial, to provide opp...
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août 28, 2015
Teach a Word in 3 Simple Steps
Language is a way to communicate ideas, choices and needs. That is what we do every day with our friends, colleagues, the telephone operator or the taxi driver. It’s natural and effective. That is the idea that we want to pass on to our children; our words help us get what we want or communicate som...
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avril 15, 2015
Reduced visual discrimination in cochlear implant users
Common belief suggest that hearing impaired people have a better sight to compensate for the loss of their hearing. Some would say that their sight would be even higher than the average. However, researchers at the University of Montreal were able to distinguish those clichés. According to this rese...
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avril 15, 2015
La surdité n'est pas forcément synonyme de meilleure vision
La croyance populaire veut que les personnes sourdes aient une meilleure vue pour compenser la privation de leur ouïe. À certains égards, leur vision serait même supérieure à la moyenne. Des chercheurs de l'Université de Montréal viennent de jeter un pavé dans la mare de ces lieux communs. En effet,...
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avril 2, 2015
Cochlear implant users can hear, feel the beat in music
People who use cochlear implants for profound hearing loss do respond to certain aspects of music, contrary to common beliefs and limited scientific research, says a research team headed by an investigator at Georgetown University Medical Center. The scientists say exposure to the beat in music, suc...
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mars 11, 2015
3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Child's Motor Skills
Having adequate motor skills is essential for a child’s occupation. A child’s occupation consists of playing, going to daycare/school, and basically just being a kid. Many parents don’t always recognize that their child has motor difficulties. This is because it is not that obvious. I recommend to a...
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